Restore Your Hair: Restore Your Confidence! 2 Types of Hair Restoration

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If you are starting to lose your hair, you may be starting to lose your confidence along with it. While some may be able to rock the shaved head look, it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, The Hair Center at Helendale offers a number of effective hair restoration options for both men and women to help them regain and maintain their usual confidence.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Depending on how much hair you’ve lost, you could be a candidate for non-surgical treatments for restoring hair. There are a number of topical solutions such as shampoos and moisturizing conditioners that can revitalize and thicken your hair.  There are also special medications like Propecia that are designed to restore hair growth.

You can also harness the power of light to stimulate hair growth. The Neo Light Therapy System is a non-invasive option that utilizes low-level light sessions to make your hair stronger and thicker.

While such non-surgical options are often reserved for early- and mid-stage hair loss, they can also be effective for late-stage hair loss. However, there are certain cases of hair loss and balding where non-surgical options aren’t the most viable choice.

Minimally-Invasive Hair Loss Treatment Options

When topical solutions, medication, and light therapy aren’t enough to revive your hair, you can explore other options. Thankfully, technology has advanced so that you can actually grow your own hair back with a minimally-invasive, more heavy-duty treatment. With a follicular unit extraction (FUE) treatment, surgeons can transplant viable hair follicles and implant them in bald spots.

You don’t have to worry about scarring from this procedure, and you can go back to your usual daily routine after 48 hours of recovery. Even better, the success rate for the FUE treatment is as high as 98 percent.

After your hair loss treatment, you’ll probably need to start using non-surgical treatment options like those mentioned above to retain the look and feel of your new hair. We’ll be sure to walk you through all of your options to better ensure optimum results.

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You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your thinning hair or bald spots. The knowledgeable experts of The Hair Center at Helendale are here to help you understand more about hair thinning and baldness, and what you can do to get your confidence back! If you’re ready to schedule a consultation, request an appointment today!  

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