Are you concerned about your hair thinning throughout your scalp? Maybe you’re looking for a more affordable option than NeoGraft® (or you aren’t a candidate for hair transplants). NeoLTS (Light Therapy System) is affordable and has high patient satisfaction rates.

NeoLTS uses a machine that gives off low-level lights. NeoLTS keeps the existing hair follicle in the growing stage (called the anagen stage), making the hair you do have thicker, longer, and healthier. This non-invasive procedure strengthens and improves hair density, has long-term results with a simple maintenance plan, and is ideal for both men and women of all hair types.

neoltsWe recommend 2 sessions per week for the first month. For the next 2-4 months, patients are reduced to 1 session per week, followed by a session every other week for the fifth and sixth months. Our 6-month treatment package includes Glytone by Ducray hair products.

NeoLTS utilizes patented magnetic induction lighting technology to produce high-intensity light at specific therapeutic wavelengths with unique patented green and red light spectrums. Light therapy may stimulate the tissues of the scalp, significantly increasing the number of red corpuscles that deliver life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb. It sets in motion a chain reaction of cellular events, increasing protein synthesis, cell division, tissue regeneration and micro-circulation of the blood supplies. This will sweep debris from the hair shaft, swell the cortex, and close the cuticle, and it might increase hair density.

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